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An essay is a historical essay of small volume and certain composition, expressing the opinion of its author on a particular issue and not claiming to be an exhaustive interpretation.

The structure of the i write essays review consists of three parts: introduction, main part and conclusion.

The task of the Olympiad essay on history - to demonstrate the position of the author, the ability to logically argue it and, of course, to reveal the level of historical training. For this purpose, participants of the history school Olympiad are invited to choose one of the proposed statements of historians or historical figures, expressing their reasoned position on the issue. All proposed topics of essays cover the main periods of Russia from ancient times to the present and touch upon its various aspects (socio-economic, political, cultural and scientific).

As a rule, the theme of the essay covers a narrow range of problems and requires its personal perception and comprehension. Very often the statements collide with undisputed but mutually exclusive statements, characteristics, and theses.

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