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No matter whether you're writing a research paper or an informative essay, you will occasionally want to write my essay and use a source's precise words, which are called "direct quotes." Through direct quotes, the reader can see how others support the writer’s point of view. Utilizing quotations selectively in the text to support the arguments improves the quality of your assignment.  You must conduct both analysis and synthesis to successfully complete a research paper. It is better to work on discovering fantastic sources in order to have quotes that have an impact, but you shouldn't invest all that effort into finding those sources only to know that you don’t know how to integrate them properly.

This means that you must keep your ideas flowing while you assimilate outside information. Too many direct quotes make your article a cacophony of different voices, rather than a single, consistent argument. But the way the essay writer integrates others’ ideas and links them with his own work is crucial.  Writing a research paper is the nightmare of every student, you must've worried about it too. Are you thinking “how am I going to write my essay? Or how I’ll integrate the quotations?” Stop stressing and draining your energy.  You need not worry about integrating direct quotes in your research paper because this blog will help you to effectively integrate the sources.

Introducing a quote correctly might be a challenge. In the first stage, the source quote must be presented in its original context. The quote which you want to integrate must be introduced before use. A quotation without a proper introduction seems suspended and the reader might get confused in relating it to the context in which it is presented.  Presenting someone's exact words needs the name of the article you're choosing a quote form along with the name of the essay writing service. This legalizes your integration of the quote. Otherwise, the professor may think that you've plagiarized the document leading to poor grades. You can only use quotes for supporting your argument and not for forming your argument on the basis of quotes. Using a quote without giving due credit to its speaker implies that you are claiming praise for someone else’s efforts. 

The quote you've added in your text must be explained in the very next line after stating the original. Readers may not always understand what is being said in the quote thus, providing the context and explaining the idea in simple words is important. Therefore, try to explain it in an easy way to let the readers understand what is being communicated through the quote. This part is the most significant part of the quote integration because you have to comment on why you are using someone else’s work in your piece of writing.

Add your stance along with the stance of the person you mentioned through the quote integration. These are some significant steps and points which will surely help you in effectively integrating the quotations. Students are encouraged to write down a draft of their research before they begin, this limits the risk of overcrowding external voices and negatively influencing the quality of the project. Always remember, your voice is crucial. Still, if you've any ambiguities you can ask to guide you in this regard.