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High school and college students are required to be proficient in academic writing. Academic writing helps students to deliver and communicate their ideas in an effective way. Moreover, students are required to polish their skills by engaging in the process of delivering high-quality and flawless papers or essays. Being able to compose a well-structured sentence with no grammatical mistakes is the basic requirement of academic writing or get an online essay writer service


However, students encounter so many mistakes while writing. Such mistakes include grammatical errors, diction errors, spelling mistakes, syntax errors, and most importantly punctuation mistakes. They have been proved to be a reason for distraction for the readers. Readers find it difficult to identify the constant flow of an essay or paper. Moreover, mistakes like wrong punctuation marks may alter the meaning of a sentence hence communicating the wrong message to the readers. This may result in a negative perception of the readers toward a particular piece of information.


Owing to the importance of academic writing, students should practice and engage in adequate preparation in order to avoid such grammatical mistakes that lead to misunderstanding of the intended is also important to be successful in academics in which your instructor would require to submit a high-quality paper with a correctly perceived message to achieve intended knowledge or grades. These mistakes lead to lowering the quality of the essay or paper.


Here are some of the common punctuation mistakes that are commonly made by students. In the beginning, when I used to write my essay , I would make lots of punctuation mistakes. However, with practice I mastered how to learn and understand the basics in order to overcome such mistakes while writing an essay or paper. Therefore, try not to make the below mentioned mistakes when you set out to write a new essay or paper.


Unnecessary Apostrophes


The most common punctuation mark mistake is putting apostrophes where they do not belong. It will lead to changing the meaning of a word for example its, and it’s (that is the short form of it is), it with an apostrophe s refers to pointing toward something while “its” is a pronoun. This is how adding an apostrophe changes the meaning of both words.


Unnecessary quotation marks


Students often make the mistake of placing unnecessary quotation marks. Quotation marks are used when you quote a statement or passage from a certain source. However, students sometimes place quotation marks to emphasize a certain point. For instance, in the following phrase


we offer the “best cleaning services” in town


There was no need to put a quotation mark here instead you can either italicize or make the text bold if you really need to make an emphasis.


Mistakes related to commas


Commas are frequently used by an essay writer to give a sentence the right structure. It indicates a brief pause within a sentence. Commas should be placed appropriately and there are certain rules to place comma


independent clauses that cannot be joined by a comma


Use commas in order to separate independent clauses that are joined by conjunctions. For e.g., State-funded higher education will produce highly skilled graduates, and as long as the state is fully funding the colleges the increasing demand would not impact the quality of higher education.


A comma should be employed after the introductory phrase, clause, or word. These dissertation writers will be required to place the comma before the main clause. For e.g., although, there are many benefits associated with having good academic writing skills.


Commas should be placed before and after adding the weak phrases that show their start and endpoint. For example, an argumentative essay, also known as a persuasive essay, is a piece of academic writing.


Commas should be used to separate two or more words, phrases, or clauses. For e.g., the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion are essential parts of any kind of essay.


Use commas to separate two or more coordinate adjectives that represent the same noun. For example, he was a happy, cheerful boy


Make sure to add commas to separate juxtaposed coordinate words or elements to make an important pause or shift. For e.g., he was misguided, not stupid


Commas should be added to separate geographical names, dates, months, etc. For example, July 14, 1776 was the day America was founded


Add commas when shifting from the main discourse and a quotation. For example, the doctor advised, “you should sleep at least 7 hours a day”


Colons and semicolons mistake


Students make mistakes while using colon and semicolon in a sentence. They might make the mistake of placing both interchangeably. For instance, students usually make the mistake of placing a colon where a semicolon should be placed. Common mistakes related to the colon are;


Some students may fail to place colons when introducing an item or list. For e.g. common structure of an essay include three essential parts: introduction, body, conclusion


colons are also used to separate two sentences which usually essay writer to do so. For example, the children’s trip to the zoo was amazing: they saw so many animals there


students fail to place colons when stating long quotes. For e.g., john stated that:


Some writers fail to include semicolons when two independent clauses have closely related clauses. For e.g., State-funded higher education will produce highly skilled graduates; as long as the state is fully funding the colleges the increasing demand would not impact the quality of higher education


Moreover, each essay writer must understand such common mistakes during the academic writing process. Moreover, you can also get your paper or essay checked by experts from Dissertation Writing Services to produce a flawless paper or essay.


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