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by Kevin Davidkin - Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 4:39 AM
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Here are 10 tips for parents who work at home with their children.

The idea of working from home sounds like a dream to many. You can spend more time at your home, save on travel, and get to see your family members more frequently.

The flip coin also is not without its problems, particularly for parents trying to balance work and child care: difficulty in focusing on work; managing while caring for their children (or homeschooling children); blurred lines between work and private life; and children screaming for attention even when you are not there.
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On the most unappealing WFH (work at home) days, you may feel as if you're not getting any work done and you've been a bad parent. You can manage to be productive while caring for your kids, but this requires you to reevaluate your expectations and work methods.

To make your remote work experience more efficient, here are some of our top suggestions for parents who work from home.
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Ten Tips for Parents Working at Home with Kids1. Keep your eyes on the good.Although some parents are happy to work from home, some had to suddenly adjust to this new reality.

While this situation has its own challenges however, there are numerous benefits to working at the comfort of your home.

It won't always be easy however, focusing on positive aspects (and remembering what you're avoiding at work) will help tremendously during difficult days.

2. Adjust your schedule.Adults thrive when they follow the same routine.

WFH helps us to be focused and free from the distractions of multitasking and constant interruptions.

You can bring structure and predictability in your mornings by establishing a routine. Make sure you stick to the process. If it's time to wake up to get up and prepare for the day as you would before heading to work. Then, head to your office at home. Whatever it looks like you're in, put yourself into a work mindset.

You can optimize your day by adjusting your work schedule so that you have enough time to enjoy your family life. This can be taking breaks, catching up on chores or taking care of the childcare.

It is recommended to think about a flexible schedule when it's possible. Set up an arrangement that works for you and your family. However, it's always possible to modify it to reflect daily changes.

We shared this amazing tip in our collection of remote work tips from the team:

3. Connect with your colleagues.Although there are a variety of steps parents can take to keep their productivity up when working at home, interruptions are bound to occur. Your kids will be forced to come into your office and throw tantrums in Zoom calls or need assistance with an emergency at their home.

It's not possible to pretend that everything is fine. Work as you would do in a workplace setting, and make it clear that you don't need any assistance.

It is important to communicate with your team about the benefits of working remotely. Discuss the implications to you. This may be a schedule modification that gives you more flexibility or a little more patience.

4. Make sure you have the right space for focus.Although you don't have to follow this guideline all the time, you should designate a room in the house as your workspace.