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by Kevin Davidkin - Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 2:20 AM
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You should have this room in a separate space where you can create an office at home. If that's not possible, find another area in your house that you can make your work space. Agree with everyone in your household on the proper time to work and how they can get your attention.

Parents can get their children to design office signage. Red is for "don’t even think about" and green for "yes we can".

5. Short bursts are best.Parents of toddlers or babies are more troubled than other parents because you can't leave their children alone.

If you are responsible to take care of childcare, it may be beneficial to work in brief intervals while the children are asleep.

If you do have the opportunity to concentrate on work and your partner is able to care for the children in your home, it could be worth arranging your time so you can go out to assist when you need to instead of staying in.
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6. Nurture creative activities.There's a good chance that your child will sit still and read for hours while you're working. It is possible to keep them active in activities that stimulate creativity when you're responsible for the care of your children.

The ability to rotate between different toys or different activities will help you concentrate and have more fun. If your children don't like playing by themselves, you can try to stimulate their imagination by making the game an activity. This will allow them to work on puzzles or design something completely new using art supplies. You'll have to see what they come up with.
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If your children are okay with you using your computer when you make important calls or focus on work, Scholastic Learn at home is a great option. It offers games on the internet like music, spelling as well as virtual tours of museums, is a great educational resource.

7. Plan your meetings well.The majority of parents who work from home have had some accidents.

While some interruptions are inevitable and it's the only way to have fun, you can be prepared for these interruptions by giving your children a an non-verbal "do not disturb" signal when you're on conference calls.

With free-roaming toddlers, this isn't always possible. It might be better to schedule calls in their normal sleeping hours. Sometimes, you may be required to silence your calls or even change the schedule if you have to be in charge of childcare.

8. Make sure that technology is on your side.Cloud computing is exactly what has allowed remote working to flourish. Employees are now able to access the data they need to perform their work online, rather than needing to manually exchange documents or sign into user accounts on the premises.

Collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Trello project management software, and the online CRM (customer relation management) software make it simpler than ever before to work from home.

There are plenty of things that can change your life, such as having fun creating your own Zoom-based video conferencing background and making a tech stack that makes your job much easier.

9. Know when to shut off.Mastering the work-life balance is never more challenging. It's easy to become entangled with the advantages of working at home. But, it's possible to feel as though you're working all day. It is crucial to be aware of when to get to bed.

You will likely need to allow for flexibility as a parent while making plans for your day. However, it is important to have a set time at which you are able to rest assured that your day is done. It's a matter of self-control and setting expectations with your team members, however, you must have clearly defined boundaries to reduce stress.

10. Take care of yourselfAsk for assistance.If you're a parent juggling work and childcare You deserve a medal and every opportunity you'll have to offer assistance.

This could be as simple as asking for help from your family members, hiring someone to handle childcare or asking your employer to offer flexibility in hours, or even more lenience during WFH.

Don't expect to manage everything perfectly and effectively every time. Take advantage of opportunities that will simplify your life at work. But, be patient with yourself when things don’t happen as you planned. If you find it difficult to manage things, take some time to relax and make sure to look after yourself. Stress can be a major issue for many. You need to take care of yourself and understand your limits.