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by Kevin Davidkin - Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 12:51 AM
Anyone in the world

An autonomous prototype construction truck weighing 12 tonnes has shown it is capable of handling difficult terrain without the help of an operator human.

Swiss-German experts were the first to convert a excavator capable of "walking" on struts that extended. They also managed the steep slopes easily, so it could operate without human assistance. The modified walking excavator was utilized to build a stone wall 4m high and grab trees to simulate forest work. They also employed the excavator to dig ...

Stealthy marine robot begins studying mysterious deep-water life

We could gain from a stealthy and autonomous underwater robot that can detect and disturb creatures that are difficult to find under the water.

Mesobot is a 250-kilogram robot. It can be used without a source of power or tied to a light fibreoptic cable to allow it to freely move below the surface.

The ocean’s twilight zones are also known as mesopelagic and 200m to 1km deep, are located between 200m-1km. It is the site of the diel vertical movement (DVM), a daily phenomenon during which deep-dwelling animals come closer to the surface to feed on the abundant food supplies found in the area, and to avoid predators.

Biologists consider the DVM an important method by that carbon dioxide and nutrients are quickly transported into depth. This permits carbon dioxide to be stored in the long term. The DVM can be difficult to study because the animals involved tend to avoid light or water.


The benefits of technology on personal, Social, & Social Life

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Access to Information in a Ease

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The World Wide Web is commonly abbreviated as the web address www. It has transformed the world into a virtual village. This is due to the broad availability of information from all corners of the globe via the internet.

While most of what you see on social media is true news, you can also see image results. There is not only more details available however, you are able to access it all quickly.

Time Saver


Have you ever had navigation problems in your new city? We've all had to deal with such issues when we moved to a new location. It doesn't matter whether it's a business travel or a trip. Modern technology helps to navigate any place.

You can search for a specific place or identify your precise location. The application itself can do all of this.