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by Kevin Davidkin - Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 12:29 AM
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A prototype autonomous construction vehicle that weighs 12 tonnes has been demonstrated to be able to operate in difficult terrains without the assistance of a human operator.

Swiss-German engineers have converted a type excavator that is able to walk on extendable struts. It can also handle steep slopes without the assistance of humans. The adapted walking excavator was used to construct a stone wall 4m high and grab trees to simulate forest work. They also utilized the excavator to dig...

Stealthy marine robot begins studying mysterious deep-water life

We could benefit from a stealthy and autonomous underwater robot that can track and disturb elusive creatures under the water.

Mesobot is a robot that weighs 250 kilograms. It is able to be operated either unconnected to an energy source or tied to a light fibreoptic cable to allow it to freely move below the surface.

The twilight zone of the ocean - known more formally as the mesopelagic zone - lies between about 200 metres and 1 kilometre in depth. This is where you will find the daily phenomenon known as the diel vertical migrating (DVM) which is which is when animals that live in deep waters move closer to the surface in order to consume the plentiful food sources and to avoid predators.

The DVM is seen by biologists as an significant method by the way that nutrients - as well as carbon dioxide absorbed through photosynthesis - are quickly transported to depths and carbon dioxide can be stored over the long-term. It is difficult to study the DVM-related creatures since they are usually scared of water or light.

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Technology's benefits for personal, work, and social life

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Access to Information in a ease


The World Wide Web (abbreviated as "www") has made the entire world a social village. The internet allows information to be accessed all over the world.

Although the majority of the stories you read on social media is factual, there may be images for some stories. The information is accessible quickly and easily, and there's more news.

Saves Time


Do you remember ever being in a position to navigate through areas that were not familiar to you? Many of us have faced such issues when we moved to a new location. It is possible to take advantage of your business or vacation trip with modern technology that can help you get to the right location.