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STEM FUN with Edison Robots Live Virtual Camp: 6/20-6/24/2022, 10:30-11:45AM PST

Code, invent and create! Use the EdCreate kit for your Edison Bot to engineer, create and invent! Program your invention to perform tasks, avoid obstacles, follow lines, respond to sounds, make sounds, and more! Unlock the robotic capabilities of this Lego compatible robot as you explore programming, STEM and critical thinking. The EdCreate kit is included in the tuition price, comes with the Edison Bot needed for this course.Edison is more than a robot. Its sensors and expandable system open up pathways for learning across math, science, critical thinking, engineering, design and more. From young engineers to more advanced users, this class provides fun opportunities for tech learning, inventing and creative expression.Discover, Learn and Create with Creative Brain Learning!skmVeFYgHCs
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