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LEGO ENGINEERING Live Virtual Camp: 7/25-7/28/2022, 12:30-1:45PM PST (Ages 7-12)

Welcome to Engineering with LEGOS!
 Lego Material Supply List - Click Here!

Welcome to Creative Brain LEGO ENGINEERING CAMP!

These Lego Engineering lessons are designed to work with very common and basic Lego bricks and components. No specialty items are needed. You can also use any additional assortment of Lego pieces to augment your designs.

 For some experiments you will also need some general household items, such as:

a piece of string, a soda straw, some colored pencils or markers, a paper plate, a balloon, small amounts of adhesive tape or duct tape, a couple of optional paper clips, and a small pillow or piece of foam or sponge.

 Click on the link above for an itemized supply list for all the modules we will be exploring!

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Sturdy Walls and Skyscrapers
 Resource: SW1012 - Building a Sturdy Wall

Click to download!

 Resource: SW1021 Building Skyscrapers

Click to Download!

Potential and Kinetic Energy
 Resource: Lego Balloon Car

Click to Download!

 Resource: SW1064 - Laws of Motion

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 eBooklet: SW1070 LEGO Acrchitecture 1

Click to download

Building Bridges
 Resource: SW1014 - Bridges With Lego
Center of Gravity and Sundials
 Resource: SW1054 - Center of Gravity
 Resource: SW1046 - Lego Sundials
LEGO Mazes and Ziplines
 Resource; SW1027 - Lego Marble Maze
 Resource: SW1029 - Lego Zip Line

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