Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Imagine, discover, and create as you explore some of the hottest LIVE Virtual summer camps by Creative Brain® Learning! Award-winning Creative Brain® Learning is a trusted partner for many school districts to provide arts, music and STEM enrichment as part of complete extended day programs during after-school hours and summer learning. 

Meet new friends and collaborate! Our Virtual Summer camps include anime drawing, music, video game design with Roblox, Kodu, Scratch, Unreal and Unity, robotics, computer coding, app design, electrical engineering, animation, LEGO engineering, and more! 

Kids Coding and Animation With SCRATCH Camp! Create your own computer animations! Make things move, make characters talk, walk, and even fly!  Create your own cartoon animation movie and more.  If focuses on being creative and having fun EXPLORING Scratch, an object oriented computer coding language created by MIT.  Perfect for ages 7-12.

Watch sneak preview here:

Creative Brain Robotics Live Virtual Camp  This
Live! Virtual Camp offers an in-depth exploration of
robotics, electronics, engineering, creativity and innovation. Participants
will design robots and program them to perform specific tasks.  Included in your camp fee is a Blue Brain Robotics Kit, valued at $99.00. The kit includes a fully programmable,
LEGO® compatible robot. Perfect for ages 8-15.

Robots are developed and
manufactured by the Blue Brain Robotics division of Creative Brain Learning

The control software is designed to run on Windows computers and
tablets. Please note that Mac computers, Chromebooks, Android devices and
iPhones are not supported at this time.

See the Blue Brain Bot in Action here:

Creative Brain® LEGO®
Engineering Live Virtual Camp

In this Live! Virtual Camp Bring participants showcase their imagination
and engineering talents!  Learn about basic physics and engineering principles
and apply them to various projects, such as building earthquake safe
skyscrapers, bridges, aerodynamic vehicles, machines, and much more!  Perfect for Ages 7 - 12.

Watch a sneak preview here:

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