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Leading after school education provider Creative Brain Learning is leveraging the power of the world’s most popular and most powerful Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver online education in many different forms. Built on the Moodle LMS, which serves 68 million online learners worldwide, Creative Brain Learning has developed an online learning platform that offers both a safe and secure online environment, as well as a fully interactive virtual learning experience through integration with Zoom-for-Education live video conferencing. Personal data are safeguarded and privacy is protected through various levels of access control, encryption and cyber security measures. Zoom-for-Education provides special safeguards for video conference sessions, which include secure waiting rooms, closed classroom sessions, and more to protect participants from outside intrusion or security breaches.

Iinternet security vanguard, the Mozilla Foundation, rates Zoom as one of the top video conference providers, giving them an overall security rating of 5 out of 5 stars. For more news articles about zoom's high security rating and security measures, please read the following:

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Zoom adds former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster to the Board

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Overall Security Rating for Zoom
Published by Mozilla Foundation: See full Evaluation here.

5/5 star
Zoom uses encryption. It does not use end-to-end encryption.
Security updates
Updates and bug fixes are released multiple times a month.
Strong password
Zoom requires a strong password to sign in. For an extra layer of security, Zoom meetings can also be password protected.
Manages vulnerabilities
Zoom has a program in place to handle security vulnerabilities.
Privacy policy
As a Zoom-for-Education client, Creative Brain Learning has integrated the zoom API into its secure learning platform. By default, Zoom-for-Education offers certain security settings to ensure a safe and protected session environment. These include, secure waiting rooms, password protected sessions, etc. Moodle LMS is the world's most powerful learning management system, offering additional layers of data security, privacy protection and access control. 
Protected Access to Zoom Video Conferencing Link
Access to the virtual class session via zoom is only granted to registered students. Once a student has been granted access to the course and related materials, they are able to click on the Class Session link to join a zoom session, but will be placed in a waiting room first.
Waiting Rooms:
When a student joins a virtual class they will first enter a waiting room. Only the assigned Teaching Staff will be able to admit a student, based on the class roster. Unauthorized participants will not have access to the sessions.
Removal from a Session
The teaching staff is authorized to remove any disrupting participant from a session, and ban individuals from any future access. 
Strict Privacy Policy
Creative Brain Learning has implemented a strict privacy policy that hides personal information of any participant in a virtual class environment. Only Company administration has access to a student's email address, for example. Personal information, such as email, addresses, phone numbers, are not shared with teaching staff or any other class participants. 
Session Recording and Monitoring
Virtual Class sessions are recorded by default. Video recordings of sessions are reviewed for quality control. Quality assurance staff also monitors sessions by randomly logging into sessions as silent participants.
Staff Vetting and Screening
As a leading education partner for School Districts and various community education organizations, such as City Parks and Recreation Departments, Creative Brain Learning has a long track record of thoroughly vetting teaching staff. All staff must clear criminal background checks, employment verification, health tests, and more. Only after candidates have passed all background checks, passed their interviews, and have received in-depth training will they be authorized to conduct education programs for Creative Brain Learning, whether on site at schools and community centers, or online in our virtual classrooms.

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