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Link Description Grades
Scholastic BookFlix Scholastic Book Flix - Watch Animated Books, and Read-Along Books. Use code Learning20, Password: Clifford  
Worksheets Google Drive of free Worksheets NASA STEM Education All Grades Read, play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss 300,000+ FREE printable worksheets from toddlers to teens Grades K-12 Geography and Animals Math practice from counting to algebra and geometry Fave kids books read by famous people Crafts, activities, mazes, dot-to-dot, etc. High School Chemistry Topics Grades 9-12 Math and Reading Games Math and Language Games Hands on Elem Science Videos Grades 1-6 Voice based learning...through Alexa Fun games, recipes, crafts and activities Daily recommendations by email for educational websites Math as a fun part your daily routine Games to help you get into books History classes for all ages - preteen to adults Biology Stem Math through 6th Grade Education Games K-12 Grades K-12 Digital Archive of History Test Prep fo SAT, ACT, etc Grades 9-12 Geometry Resources for Spanish Practice Chineese learning activities Music is for Everyone Science. Math, Social Studies Grammar practice for middle school Grades 6-8 Daily free science or cooking experiments for home Chemistry Reading passages for grades 3-12 with discussion questions Grades 3-12 Vocabm grammar in various languages 35,000 pages of online content on the cultures/countries of the world K-5 Science lessons Grades K-5 Free Classes from Universities and Companies FREE printable K-8 Reading and Math Activity Packs (Eng/Spanish) Grades K-8 Digital learning content for preschool to High School Grades Pre-K-High School Videos, activites and games Tour Yellowstone National Park Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover Canadian site offers virtual tours of farm animals and farms Indoor activities for busy toddlers pre K-K Play games and learn all about animals Play and learn with fave show characters Travel to Paris, France to visit The Louvre Virtual tour of the Great Wall of China Math and Reading games Phonics skills Virtual tour of The British Museum Math content from middle through AP Calculus Grades Middle to 12 Day-by-Day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and growing Courses for older teens and adults Online homeschool platform Printable board games, activites and language arts resources K-8 online math program Grades K-8 Engaging reading game for Grades 2-8 Grades 2-8 High level SAT Math practice High School Foreign Languages Interactive earth science based curriculum Site for Elemn. level readers. USERNAME: read PW: read Grades 1-6  Huge resource for AP students Vieos on Literacy and Math incorperating some exercise Movement and mindulness videos created by experts 7,000 free videso in 13 subject areas Math videos w lessons, real life uses of math, famous actors Entertaining & educational videos for all levels and subjects Online educations program for todder through high school Grades K-12 Free printables for PreK-2nd Grade Grades PK-2 Free printable library with activites for children Grades PK-6 Free at-home kids yoga lesson plans Resources for AP students Step-by-step math problem solving - Grades 2 through college Grades 2 - College Math Games, logic puzzles and educational resources Grades 1-6 3D printing projects and Coding projects, involving Math and other K-12 Grades K-12 Intro and intermediate music theory lessons, exercises, ear trainers A huge collection of free resources, games and learning resources Improve your typing skills while competing with others Recipes for kids age 2-12 Grades PreK-6 Online curriculum that builds better writers 80+ do at home science activities Daily lessons and educational activities that kids can do on their own Adaptive curriculum in Math and ELA for Grades K-8 Grades K-8 Makes storytime more fun for kids! Wasy at home prjects curated for kids 2 and Up Teaches students how to write a paragraph throuh interactive tutorials PreK-12 digital media service w more than 30,000 learning materials Grades PreK-12 Science & Math labs and simulations An online physics problem and video bank for standard, honors and Ap1 Colorful music curriculum for PreK-12 Grades PreK-12 Free videos from around the world Free access to general music activities For students to practice and master whatever they are learning ReadWorks is an online reading source Grades K-12 Critical thinking resources fo K-6 students Grades K-6 Music based Spanish Learning Science simulations Grades 7-12 K-8 Language Arts - Shurley english program Grades K-12 Sight reading and sight singin practice exercises Music Practice Spelling practice FREE NOW with code VSCFree90 Kid-friendly workouts Hundres of free K-12 STEM resources Grades K-12 Course sets (Levels 1-5) language arts and geography OT, PT and ST resources to build skills through movement and play Science Projects Keyboarding practice Next Gen Science. Video game gocused. Grades 6-8 Videos and readings, vocab challenges and questions. Math practice from counting to algebra and geometry K-5 Curriculum that cultivates a love for math Grades K-5 Spelling Grades 1-4 Grades 1-4 2500+ online courses from top institutions 22 languages to learn Learn to code Miscellaneous games for all subjects K-8 Phonics and reading PreK-5 games for all subjects Grades PreK-5 Online digital coloring pages Every course to homeschool PreK-8 Grades PreK-8 Phonics worksheets for kids Free stories online ages 3-12 All about earthquakes Learn all about the periodic table Almanac for kids Guide to gardening for kids Basic games to reinforce math skills Space science Games, logic puzzles and brain builders Games, quizzes, fact sheets, journey through time Entertaining and informative introductions to art and art history News and more for kids Randomly generates 356,300,262,144 story starters Immerse yourself in cryptography Math Games Science experiments to do at home An interactive way to learn history Explore, learn and have fun with science Interactive games based on the book series Work on the 8 parts of speech All about cells Lots to learn if you dig in Scratch draws students of all types into the world of coding Fun and detailed way to get kids engaged in the world of art Geography, geography, geography! Pick a place and see and read archival materials - history Videos about numbers that help kids explore math topics Explore the human body in cool ways Games and investigations to explore and appreciate the arts Kids play instruments online: guitar, piano, pan flute, drums and bongos Crafts, activities, for early educations teachers to use with kids Songs to help teach preschool and Kinder Grades PreK-K Flashcards, coloring pages, worksheets, etc. Life skills curriculum for students (Social and Emotional Skills.) Grades K-12 Coding for ages 4-10 Grades PreK-6 National Zoo and the Smithsonian Learning Lab Educational videos, pictures, quizzes, worksheets,.....etc Interactive website introcuing children to the ins and outs of the US Gov. NASA initiative including weather, climate, atmosphere...etc. Kids can ask Dr. Universde any questiong about many subjects. Play games and learn about coin collecting as a hobby Meterologist Crystal Wicker breaks down the fascinating world of weather. Explores carrers in the world of design. From fashion to theatre to environ. Hosted by the Smithsonian - dives into the world of ocean life Millions of flashcards for every subject, entrance exam and certification. Theta Music Trainer offers online courses for ear training and music theory. Real world financial dilemmas - smart money management. Interactive exploration of 11 bodily systems. Desighed to provide high performing studetns with challengomg curriculum. Find and fix learning gaps. Algebra games for kids. Fractions practice Education for kids - all topics Math and logic problems for ages 5 to adult Grades K-College Alaskan Wildlife Cams Tons and tons of games! Some educational some just fun. Crafts, projects, science, recipes for young children. Online photo jigsaw puzzles that you can set the pieces Toddler and preschool age ideas Grades PreK Story Time and More with Blippi preschool


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