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by Alex Jonson - Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 10:41 AM
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         Throughout their academic tenure, students go through different intellectual stages. Whether it is about writing an essay assignment or completing a quiz. They try to perform exceptionally so that you can secure good grades ultimately leading to acquiring a full bright scholarship for college or university. For some students, the most difficult part or assignment could be writing an essay. It is only because academics have devised different types and each needs to write differently. Only an exceptional student can write all types of essays without any difficulty.

         Among many, an expository essay is just one form, it mainly deals with investigating an idea, explicates the idea, evaluates evidence ultimately leading to present the idea concisely. The requirements in this essay can be fulfilled by comparison and contrast, definition eventually leading to an analysis of cause and effect. An expository essay is itself divided into types including definition essays, classification essays, cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays, and 'how-to' essays.

         Each type requires to follow certain guidelines so that the purpose of writing such an essay could be achieved. Just like any other essay the start of this essay should be with a compelling outline. It would help you to give direction to your essay and enable you to write eloquently. I am writing down some simple techniques. By following these you can write an expository essay with a bang.

How to Start an Expository Essay with a Bang?

Start with a topic

         The topic is the most important technique in writing an essay. Sometimes your professor may directly assign you a topic irrespective of the fact that whether you like it or not. However, a mysterious topic can be difficult to comprehend as you do not have prior information about it. The areas of a topic may include coin collection, crypto-currencies, social media, robotics, leukemia, basketball, and veganism.

Do necessary research

         Remember that writing an essay is not a piece of cake and you may need to get essay writing service from someone. You need to justify the concepts mentioned in your body paragraphs by the theoretical framework. You need to cite every piece of information so that you can avoid plagiarism. You can get a broader aspect of the research by reading several scholarly articles.

Include examples

         Examples are the backbone of any essay as they give justification to your arguments. You would find a lot of data during your research but you cannot write all of it in a short research essay. Try to stick with your thesis statement and only include such examples that would strengthen it.

Write an outline

         Topic and sentence are two types of outlines and each can be used depending upon the topic and area of research. Writing a perfect outline might be a little tricky so make sure not to make any mistakes. I still remember it was a nightmare for me when I started to write my essay in college graduation. You just need to spend little time to craft an exceptional outline

Craft a thesis statement

         After your outline, a thesis statement is the most important part as it gives direction to your research and the purpose of your essay. Usually, the last sentence of an introduction is a thesis statement when you need to argue in favor or oppose an agenda. A reader would be able to understand the purpose of your essay by just reading a thesis statement.

Start with the first draft

         No matter how good you are in your writing skills and research abilities. Always start your essay by writing your first draft. It would help you to eliminate all the obvious or redundant options from the research. Just make sure to use transition words so that you can achieve excellence in your research, also check essay writer for more guidelines.

Review once

         When you are done with writing your essay just give it a thorough look. It would help you to eliminate any potential typos and grammatical errors. Once you have completed and followed the aforementioned points then you can start your expository essay with a bang. 


Anyone in the world

Synthesis takes its form from the triad of the dialectical method that was proposed by German philosopher Hegel. The essay follows the same outline as the method i.e. Two different writings talking about the same subject where one negates the other. It can be resolved by introducing a third idea.


To present fallacy essay writer, take a thesis from one writing and an antithesis from another. Combine them into a single and final synthesis.   

What is a Synthesis Essay?


Hook: A statement that catches the reader’s attention. 

“The factory-model education system has not had a significant change over a century!”

Thesis Statement: Tells the reader your main thesis or the connecting on which you plan to combine the original works. 

Structure of the Essay (Using a synthesis derived from J.T.Gatto’s Against School and A.Kohn’s From Degrading to Degrading


“The students should be motivated to learn and dwell deep into a subject, while also realizing and developing one’s character. The education (Kohn’s Argument) and schooling (Gatto’s Argument) have failed on both accounts. “

Body Paragraphs

In the body paragraphs, each paragraph will take on a topic presented in the Topic Sentence


It will depend on your prewriting analyses. Furthermore, it will also show the reader various points that they agree on. It can be a central aim.

An essay writing service given to students in advanced grades and universities. It requires you to understand opposing arguments and find a middle ground. In doing so, you will make connections and find new relationships within the work or between the opposing works. This will help you define a central thesis for the opposing arguments to support. 



Body Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence: The schooling takes away the ability of a child to reason and think creatively. They don’t challenge the subject matter taught to them in the classes but only do as far as what’s required for a grade.


Evidence and Arguments:  

  • Gatto urges us to take the children out of the schooling systems and allow them to dwell into subjects of philosophy, history, theology, arts, etc. These subjects will allow them to develop their intellect and tap into their genius 
  • Kohn believes that the system of grades hampers the student’s chance for in-depth learning. Thus, it becomes less apt to be creative and less likely to become problem solvers.


Body Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence: Both the writers agree that there is a huge divide in how the students should be educated and how they are being educated, for more paragraph guidelines visit write my essay.


Evidence and Arguments:  

  • Gatto thinks that by going into the education system, a child becomes a consumer and an employee fit to the mundane clockwork of the ordinary. 
  • Students can get a good grade with grade oriented studying rather than studying in-depth. The curriculums of the schools have adapted itself for the ease of grading the students which Kohn calls as, “bunch o’ facts” approach. 


Body Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence: The system is not creating leaders, innovators, and thinkers that are required for tackling complex and ever-growing problems of the future.

Evidence and Arguments:

  • For Kohn, the system should allow students to showcase their work and progress to both their teachers and parents. It also benefits from the exposure to portfolios and projects of other students, without the sense of competition.
  • Gatto would like to see more reforms in the content of the curriculum and the subjects taught to them other than just abolishing grades.


The conclusion will reiterate the thesis statement in light of several topic sentences. It will then present the synthesis:

Both the educationists realize the ills of the education system and are not satisfied with the kind of education the students are provided with. With the world changing fast around us and new problems arising all the time. They both think its imperative to reform the education system that grooms individuals to be thinkers and innovators of tomorrow.


Anyone in the world


When you write a research proposal by following all the requirements then you are almost halfway to the research paper and now you do not have to ask essay writer else to write my essay because you have already done the difficult part of the paper.

Writing a research paper might be limited to just a few hundred words but the level of perfection that is required in a research proposal is nowhere else.  This is just a two-to-three-page practice but the hard work behind it is more than what is written.


In the research proposal, it is desirable to be objective and work with honesty because this would help you to write the research paper with more ease. Below mentioned are the characteristics that write my essay should have. By following these characteristics, you are doing good to no one else but to yourself.

  1. A well-crafted research proposal is innovative at its core. Such a proposal is not written just for the sake of writing. The purpose behind the paper is to leave the conventional approach on a side and write with such an approach that is left unattended in the past.
  2. The research proposal should include a specific aim. The purpose should not be to complete the word count rather it should be written with a positive intention. The research topic should always be there in the proposal where it all leads to the actual research question.
  3. To the sake of making the proposal more objective, do not simply start arguing rather the arguments should be supported by credible sources and data, and it is even further desired to use the preliminary data.
  4. The proposal should have a literature review section that should include authentic sources. The focus should not be just on one aspect rather dig deep into the sources so that your proposal can depict a holistic approach.
  5. The research question should be clearly stated and the purpose should depict from it. These two lines are the most crucial lines, not just for the proposal but for the research paper as well.
  6. The methodology should be well defined. In an efficient research proposal, the methodology is so well defined that it has not even an iota of vagueness. The method should be so distinct that any other researcher can repeat the process to deduce the same results.
  7. In a proper research proposal, all the major elements must be included. Some of the major constituents are background, research topic, theoretical framework, methods, limitation, timescale, etc. There must be a balance between all these factors because it would be inappropriate to write too much on one aspect and eventually leave one or two aspects unattended, these are the ten characteristics of a well-crafted research proposal and if someone is able to use them properly then he/she should not worry about how to start an essay.
  8. At times students focus too much on the academic side of the writing but they underrate the importance of structural aspects of sentences. Irrespective of how well you have researched for the research proposal, unclear and vague writing would spoil the entire impression.
  9. A well-crafted proposal has the least typos. To do so, it is preferable to re-read the entire text or ask someone else to re-read it. This would not only help you to avoid typos but at the same time, it would bring more clarity as well.
  10. Conclusion of a well-crafted is always a convincing part of the proposal. This section further reinforces the ideas that are already discussed in the earlier part of the research proposal.

 The necessary ground is prepared for the writer to further proceed on, and you can also take help from essay writing service.


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by Alex Jonson - Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 10:33 AM
Anyone in the world


No matter what the essay, the way to conclude an essay remains the same. That is to summarize the main points without adding anything new to the essay. 


After all the good work that you put in the introduction and the body paragraphs, it is important for you to write my essay. The purpose of the conclusion is to reiterate the salient points out that the reader has gone through in the essay. This not only allows the reader to get on your side of the argument with the conclusion in light of the thesis statement. But it also helps them organize the information in their mind.. 




The Three Parts a Conclusion Must Have

A Thesis Statement under new light: The thesis statement that was initially announced to the reader is capable of being seen in a conclusive light. A way for the reader to see it as the right choice. The statement can now be rephrased with less caution and more authority. Instead of looking for a free essay writer to guide you with your conclusion, I advise you to follow these three points. 

Reproducing the main points of the body paragraphs: Here each of the topic sentences should be glanced over and presented in the conclusion. Instead of restating the topic sentences, it is important to arrange them in now words to bring forth the natural flow of logic. It is a practice that produces the best results if the topic sentences are arranged in the order of least to most important or the other way around.

A final word or a call for action: With the mind running smooth, it’s hard for a writer to hold back the urge to add something new in the conclusion. A good way to pacify this urge is to end it with a call for action or something to think about that will take the argument further. 


What NOT to do


  • Adding extra information to your conclusion is a definite no: Remember that you are giving closure to your reader. Anything new at the closing moment will make the reader feel that the essay writing service should have continued to explain the new bits.
  • A word to word restating of the thesis and the topic sentences: Yes, these are the components that you should talk about in the conclusion. But after your arguments and the pieces of evidence, these statements should hold new meaning. You are supposed to communicate this new derived meaning in the conclusion. 
  • Elongated opening sentences for a conclusion: Unlike a speech, an essay doesn’t require you to be fancy with the closing. Also, you don’t have to set the stage for the essay summary, you just get right into it. 
  • Words and phrases that show its a conclusion: Words such as ‘In the light of the essay’, ‘In conclusion’, ‘The essay in a nutshell, etc. 

Revise, Revisit, and Edit


The conclusion should not escape your critical eye. It should be probed for inaccuracies in terms of logic or wording. Most importantly, it should be checked for fulfilling its criteria of a strong essay conclusion. 


If despite the inclusion of the said information the conclusion fails to produce a good closure, you shouldn’t be afraid to revisit the rest of the essay. You will then go over the thesis statement and the body paragraphs. Making the thesis more bold and precise or changing a topic sentence or dropping dead weight should be on your agenda if needed. 


If the Introduction and the body of the essay are not well written then you can’t compensate for their fallings in the conclusion. The conclusion just presents the essay overview. Hence, by only editing the body and the introduction you allow for a complete conclusion.



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Have you ever compared the causes and effects of a particular event? If you know how to make a comparison, then you can write it too. Writing an essay can be a difficult task but it can be made easier through help. Take the help of a professional essay writer in composing a good paper. You should know the primary purpose of the essay that you are going to write then start writing.

The first thing is understanding the purpose of your essay. You can do that by reading the factors that define the essay. For instance, a cause and effect essay is for pointing out the important causes and effects of a particular issue at hand. So, you need to focus on this definition and then write accordingly.


You also have an understanding of how to structure and format the paper. You can hire a essay writing service for getting an essay in an appropriate format and structure. You can start with the introduction of the essay. Write a thesis statement about the purpose and objectives of your essay.

In the body paragraphs, you can either write causes in three paragraphs and collective effects in a single paragraph. The second format is, writing each cause and its effect in separate body paragraphs. At the end write a conclusion by reinstating the thesis statement, summarizing all points of the essay.

Model Essay

Before starting to write such essays, go through a couple of templates on the same subject. If I need a model essay to start writing, I will ask an expert writer to write my essay. Here is a model paper in case you want to write about the Cold War. You can also use this template to write about any other topic, just follow the format.


  •         Definition of the cold war.
  •         Hook to engage the readers of the essay. For instance, cod war is one of the critical political events as a result of longstanding tension between two superpowers in the world.
  •         Historical background: the period before the beginning of the cold war.
  •         Thesis statement" this essay explores the causes of the cold war concerning their subsequent effects altering the history of America and the Soviet Union.

Body Paragraphs

  •         Cause 1: Rigidity among two superpowers after World War II.
  •         Cause 2: Development of nuclear weapons by both superpowers.
  •         Cause 3: Increasing fear in the United States for communism
  •         Cause 4: Ideological conflict among the Soviet Union and the United States.
  •         One paragraph about combined effects:

o   Reshaped the political ideology and foreign policy in America.

o   Increased normalcy and conformity in the American nation

o   Affected the personal lives of individuals belonging to both states.

  •         The impact of the cold war on international relations

o   The action of two superpowers elevated the tension on an international level.

o   Reduction trade barriers

o   Increased economic growth and bolster stability

  •         What were the long-term effects of these political events?

o   The creation of armaments industry and peacetime defense.

o   The United States of America adopted an international outlook due to the effects of the Cold War.

  •         Conclusion

o   Reinstatement of thesis

o   Summarizing all the proposed ideas

o   Learning from the essay.

You can use this template with any other topic too. Create an outline at the start consisting of all the ideas you have about the essay. You need to have a clear purpose in mind. For example, for writing about the cold war you need to have a specific perspective in mind. Follow that perspective and you will compose an impressive essay for yourself.

In case you have a large number of assignments due, ask for help. Any professional writer or online writing site can help you out with your essay. Plan the writing part well before starting to work on it.