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by Frank Mike - Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 1:10 AM
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As a student, you would work on various projects and assignments during your academic years. But the most challenging and elaborate of them would be your dissertation or thesis. There is some confusion about what kind of research assignment can be called a thesis or write my essay. So, I would help you understand the key differences between the two.


A thesis is an academic piece of writing that is created by the students at the master’s level at the end of the degree completion. A thesis depicts the knowledge and expertise of students in a particular area of their studies.


A dissertation is usually completed by the students enrolled in a doctoral program. The students have advanced knowledge and learn to conduct their own research while doing a PHD. Typically, a dissertation is new research or an expansion of the existing research. It is lengthy academic research than all other forms.   The doctoral student has to decide an area of research out of their subject of study. The thesis and the dissertation can sometimes be used interchangeably which is incorrect as both are very different from each other. You can ask for samples of both from an essay writerThey will help you understand the differences easily.

Both have some similarities such as they have a common structure which includes an introduction portion, a review of literature, and references at the end or additional appendices. The contents of each section can vary depending on the type of research. 

Major differences

The first major difference between the thesis and the dissertation is that the thesis is founded on the current research while the dissertation is the original work of the student. The dissertation requires the student to conduct their own research and analysis for originality. While the thesis only expands the existing work conducted by someone else. A thesis indicates the knowledgeability of the student in the subject covered during the course of graduation degree. While the dissertation provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge to develop new theories or apply it to practice. The dissertation aims to develop new ideas, and concepts that can be thoroughly defended and can prove to be useful. The master’s level student gains practical field experience for the research but they are not required to do the research at the level of the doctoral students. So, new and original ideas are welcomed but they are not mandatory for thesis writing.

The thesis writing aims to build the technical expertise of the students rather than original research which is the aim of a dissertation. Typically, the thesis is for the master’s level while the dissertation is for the doctoral level. The dissertation includes a hypothesis that is tested by the researcher. While the thesis would include a stance on an idea that is proved through argumentation and analysis.

Structural dissimilarities

The thesis is comparatively small and it can consist of around 100 pages. While the dissertation is a long document, which can be twice or thrice the length of a thesis. The thesis would expand the existing work or research. While the dissertation is an original work and the student is recognized as the author for this work. The dissertation presents a great deal of information on the background of the essay writing service. It presents the contextual information, the significance of the information and also elaborates on how the current hypothesis or theory was developed. It also requires detailed information on the research proposal and it can be very complex and time taking work.


After the research completion, the students are required to present the work in front of a panel of faculty. However, the presentation for a thesis and dissertation is variable. The presentation for a thesis is short and only takes an hour. While the presentation for a dissertation can be long and take several hours to complete. It includes elaborate questions from faculty members.

Contextual difference

There is some difference in the use of the term dissertation and thesis according to location. In the US, the term dissertation refers to the project completed by doctoral students while the master’s level students submit a thesis. While in European countries the context is different and complex. Doctoral students in Europe might be required to submit a Ph.D. thesis for graduation. While a dissertation can be completed as a part of a post-graduate program by the student. A thesis requires extensive research of the background information and research according to European standards. So a thesis has to include a long list of in-text citations and references.


Now you have an understanding of the main differences between a thesis and a dissertation. I hope when you think about how I will during academic progression, you will not face confusion. I hope these guidelines will help you understand the differences clearly.  Nevertheless, each university has its own guidelines on what the thesis or dissertation should look like and what it should contain. Despite the extensive differences between the thesis and dissertation, both require the commitment and effort of the students. They require instinctual honesty, and technical and field knowledge.