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by Alex Jonson - Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 10:33 AM
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No matter what the essay, the way to conclude an essay remains the same. That is to summarize the main points without adding anything new to the essay. 


After all the good work that you put in the introduction and the body paragraphs, it is important for you to write my essay. The purpose of the conclusion is to reiterate the salient points out that the reader has gone through in the essay. This not only allows the reader to get on your side of the argument with the conclusion in light of the thesis statement. But it also helps them organize the information in their mind.. 




The Three Parts a Conclusion Must Have

A Thesis Statement under new light: The thesis statement that was initially announced to the reader is capable of being seen in a conclusive light. A way for the reader to see it as the right choice. The statement can now be rephrased with less caution and more authority. Instead of looking for a free essay writer to guide you with your conclusion, I advise you to follow these three points. 

Reproducing the main points of the body paragraphs: Here each of the topic sentences should be glanced over and presented in the conclusion. Instead of restating the topic sentences, it is important to arrange them in now words to bring forth the natural flow of logic. It is a practice that produces the best results if the topic sentences are arranged in the order of least to most important or the other way around.

A final word or a call for action: With the mind running smooth, it’s hard for a writer to hold back the urge to add something new in the conclusion. A good way to pacify this urge is to end it with a call for action or something to think about that will take the argument further. 


What NOT to do


  • Adding extra information to your conclusion is a definite no: Remember that you are giving closure to your reader. Anything new at the closing moment will make the reader feel that the essay writing service should have continued to explain the new bits.
  • A word to word restating of the thesis and the topic sentences: Yes, these are the components that you should talk about in the conclusion. But after your arguments and the pieces of evidence, these statements should hold new meaning. You are supposed to communicate this new derived meaning in the conclusion. 
  • Elongated opening sentences for a conclusion: Unlike a speech, an essay doesn’t require you to be fancy with the closing. Also, you don’t have to set the stage for the essay summary, you just get right into it. 
  • Words and phrases that show its a conclusion: Words such as ‘In the light of the essay’, ‘In conclusion’, ‘The essay in a nutshell, etc. 

Revise, Revisit, and Edit


The conclusion should not escape your critical eye. It should be probed for inaccuracies in terms of logic or wording. Most importantly, it should be checked for fulfilling its criteria of a strong essay conclusion. 


If despite the inclusion of the said information the conclusion fails to produce a good closure, you shouldn’t be afraid to revisit the rest of the essay. You will then go over the thesis statement and the body paragraphs. Making the thesis more bold and precise or changing a topic sentence or dropping dead weight should be on your agenda if needed. 


If the Introduction and the body of the essay are not well written then you can’t compensate for their fallings in the conclusion. The conclusion just presents the essay overview. Hence, by only editing the body and the introduction you allow for a complete conclusion.