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Artist Workshop: Paint Like The Masters Part 2, 12/21-12/23/2020, 1:00-2:30PM PST

Welcome to Artist Camp!
Welcome to Artist Workshop: Paint Like The Masters
 Material Supply List

Materials needed for this class include some artist brushes, blank white paper or drawing paper, and, if available some canvas panels. You can complete all work on paper. In terms of paints, we would suggest a water color set and/or tempera paints, and, if available, some acrylic paints. You would also need a pencil and eraser, plus some colored pencils, and a few q-Tips. A drop cloth to protect your table surfaces would be recommended. 

For a complete list of material supplies, please click on the above link. You can view and download the Artist Workshop Material Supply List there.

Cubism and Pablo Picasso
 eBook: Cubism and Pablo Picasso
 Cubism Lesson Book

Optional Resource

 Cubism Activity
Pointilism and Georges Seurat
 Pointilism Lesson Booklet
 Bird Outline
Post-Impressionism and Vincent van Gogh
 eBook: Vincent can Gogh - Sunflowers

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